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Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Methods


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An Engineer is know by his ability to learn and apply tools, his ability to adapt to situations and his ability to solve problems.

In the ever increasing and challenging world, the Engineer who knows the most sophisticated tools and software can make wonders beyond simply solving problems. Creating Extraordinary Solutions.

About Us

Why us?


We have the experienced research oriented engineers and academicians to support you with your problems. We assist in solving academic varying from undergraduate co-op reserach to assistance in doctoral dissertation while in industiral problems varying from simple ventilation to complex product design and optimization.


We provide in-depth training and research solution and are the regular training and reserach consultants for prominent academic insitutions across the state. Furthermore our labs have been clustered to provide High Performance Computing solution for the general needs of Research and Development and can easily be request for acces by our students and clients. Beyond cluster computing we also use and provide Dual Processor Xeon Servers for Research needs.






In Sanskrit, Rddhi stands for Supernatural Power. By Rddhi we mean to inspire, train and to deliver our customers with powerful and extraordinary tools in Engineering.



To become a leader in engineering research supporting young students while strengthen the world through deliver services in Advanced Engineering and Scientific Research.



To help students incorporating the latest tools of research and design, indulging them in under graduate and graduate research, thereby increasing their value as engineers of today.

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To the Contemporary Engineers and Research Students unde the major desciplines of Aerospace, Mechanical, Automotive, Structural and Civil Engineering, the Finite Element Methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics play an important role through their life in pursuit for engineering discovery, invetion and perfection.

Our main focus through our services is to indulge ourselves and our clients in the research methodologies involving the Finite Element Methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics to solve problems that we face every day.